• Through my work as a massage therapist I have helped many people over the years. If you are one of those people the greatest reward for me would be to hear your story so I can share it with others on this page

    Some had a bit to say…

    Honestly your shoulder massage was the best ever that I have had and I have had two years worth while I was studying massage and never did I get a massage like that. No one has ever been able to ease my shoulder pain through so many spins until you – even this morning when I woke up I was pain free.J.F. (Spinning instructor), Reading, UK

    After seeing a chiropractor twice and having intensive unsuccessful medication, Sylvia fixed my whiplash injury in one session of massage – another session later my long suffered stiff neck was also sorted!J.S (School teacher), Reading, UK

    My right calf used to ache for months sometimes so badly that I couldn’t sleep. Sometimes I would collapse from the pain when walking. I had ex-rays and sonars but the doctors found nothing wrong. I had one treatment from Sylvia, the pain dissapeared immediately and never came back.R.S (Mechanic), Reading, UK

    I suffered from various sports injuries that caused me some very deep pain. I went to Sylvia on a recommendation and haven’t looked back! Sylvia targeted specific muscles that no-one had been able to before and completely relieved the pain. Moreover with consistent visits the pain has stayed at bay and my body can actually go about healing itself. Sylvia also explains the functions of the body and effects of the treatment during the session which is extremely helpful, her knowledge of the body and cause/effect scenarios is the best I know of. Highly recommended!D.S. (IT Professional), Reading, UK

    Having back problems and arthritis resulting in chronic pain for many ,many years, I was very fortunate to be a client of Sylvia’s the last few years. She is an excellent massage therapist. Her vast knowledge, caring dedication to helping people coupled with her gift of healing hands helped me tremendously. I had tried other massage therapists without getting the good results I did with Sylvia. A year ago I suffered a herniated disc and with her treatment I became pain free. I believe she has a true gift for helping people. I highly recommend her.M.A.B. (USA)

    I was very fortunate to have Sylvia as my therapist over the past few years. She has helped my body recover from one of my worse accidents, a bad fall on black ice. My fall left me with a fractured secum and tail bone. The worse part were the muscles in my lower back. Because of Sylvia’s continuous help I was on a quick road to recovery. She has the perfect strength in her hands and concentrates on the most needed areas. She is a very knowledgeable person that I highly recommend. When you leave your first appointment with her, you wonder why you hadn’t gone to her sooner.D.B. (USA)

    There are massages and there are massages. There are massage therapists and then there are massage therapists. Then there is Sylvia. Sylvia is one of a kind. Her experience and knowledge is way beyond her years. She has been my masseuse for over 3 years. Each and everytime I see her she knows what I need….she finds knots and tightnesss in my muscles that I didnt know I had. I work out close to 7 days a week so seeing Sylvia each week was heaven. Her expertise in “cupping” kept me healthy and free of injury. Once you see Sylvia you will never want to see another masseuse againL.M. (Chicago, IL, USA)

    I have always suffered from chronic back pain. I was born with scoliosis and don’t remember a time, even as a child when my back and neck didn’t ache. Sylvia has always looked for new and unique ways to help me with my situation, including (but not limited too) Thai massage and cupping. Because of her and her special skills, extensive knowledge, caring, and patience, she has been able to help me time and again to live a comfortable and happy life. I don’t think I could have made it through pregnancy or recovery after childbirth without her! Thank you Sylvia!A.B. (Round Lake, IL, USA)

    Sylvia definitely has a talent for healing the human body! I came to Sylvia throughout the years and is one of the few people who is very passionate about what she does and is caring. I regularly started seeing her when I started having lower back pain and when I got tendinitis in my knee. She knows exactly what hurts and how to fix it! As a runner, the tendinitis stopped my usual 6km runs, but with her help and after a few sessions I was able to get back to running my regular jogs!C.S. (Norridge, IL, USA)

    Some had a bit more to say…

    Having worked with Sylvia for over a year I’m 100% confident when referring clients to her that they will be getting the best treatment. She has dealt with everything from severe lower back pain to shin splits and tennis elbow. I will always continue using Sylvia as my clients are always pleased with the results.P.M. (Personal Trainer), Reading, UK

    Sylvia is the best massage therapist around. I have been to others who call themselves massage therapists and while their massages were relaxing, they were not therapeutic in the least. Sylvia is a true therapist. She is passionate about the human body, muscles, and movement and has gained extensive training and experience. It is her sense of touch, however, that sets her apart from others. It is special and sophisticated–feeling individual muscle fibers, detecting the source of the pain, and working it out. She is also passionate about continuing education and learning new treatment modalities. She has used Kinesio Tape on my feet and calves to relieve plantar fasciitis. She has also used cupping therapy on my back. Pain that I was experiencing on a daily basis and treating with frequent doses of ibuprofen disappeared for an entire week with the first treatment. As a nurse trained in Western medicine and skeptical of alternative therapies, I was amazed. With Sylvia, it’s not just a relaxing hour with new age music and aromatherapy oils. While you will get all of that, you will get so much more.M.E.K. (USA)

    I am 28 years old and have had consistent pain and tightness in my upper back, shoulders, and neck since I can remember. I have gone to multiple doctors, been to physical therapy, chiropractors, and massage therapists but NOTHING seemed to help. I was beginning to get terrible head aches and horrible trigger points that would send my back into spasms. The only relief I found was going for a deep tissue massage, but that would only give me temporary relief (about a week or so). I work with children so I could not continue doing the amount of lifting and rough housing that I was doing with the amount of pain I was experiencing. I was at my wits end when I finally found Sylvia.

    Before Sylvia even began working on me she asked me to explain in detail what problems I was having. She really listened to me and tried to get a clear understanding of what was causing the pain and tension. Instead of only focusing on my back and shoulders (which every other massage therapist did), she worked on my chest to try to loosen some of my muscles in that area. She explained that because my chest muscles were so tight, the muscles and ligaments in my neck and shoulders were pulling and tightening towards my chest causing my shoulders to round forward and up towards my ears, which was throwing off my posture and creating the tension in my back and shoulder areas.

    Sylvia used a cupping therapy to help loosen my chest muscles which worked amazingly well! I felt instant relief after only one cupping session. My shoulders released and unlocked and were sitting lower than they ever had been. After only my first massage with Sylvia, I could tell she was extremely knowledgeable about the body and how it all works. She not only worked out my knots and tension but she showed me multiple stretches and things I can do on a daily basis to help relieve the tension myself and keep the pain away. I began seeing her regularly (once or twice a week) for 3 months. Each time I would go she would focus on a different area until eventually every last pea sized knot and every trigger point was unwound and gone. She is intuitive! Her fingers just know where to go and what to do to get those stubborn knots out! I now go once a month for a deep tissue massage to maintain what she has done for me along with regular stretching.

    I have never found relief like I have by going to Sylvia. Not only is my back, shoulders, and neck 100% better but my overall health is because of what she has taught me. I never realized how much my back pain was effecting my mood and overall well being until it was gone. I am a much happier person now that I am pain free and I’m so thankful for Sylvia for making that happen! I can now rough house and play with the kids without worrying about how stiff I’m going to feel the next day!

    Sylvia is undoubtably the most talented and knowledgeable massage therapist I have ever come across and I HIGHLY recommend her! (And miss her dearly!!:)C.S. (USA)

    I suffered from the “back cracking” habit and constantly slouched when I was sitting and standing. I go to the gym regularly and found that after my session my back was very sore, especially when lying on my back that night to sleep. I have had a few full body massages in the past and still continued to have the same recurring back problems – they did nothing to help.

    I then consulted Sylvia about my back issues and she suggested spending an hour with me to target the problematic areas. During my massage with Sylvia, she used different methods such as “Cupping” which I had never heard of nor experienced. She could tell me throughout the session exactly where my back problems were and worked on muscles that complimented each other in order to reduce any chance of these areas giving me cause for concern in the future. She gave me a deep tissue massage throughout to relax and loosen the muscles which were tight from stress and working out.

    Not only was I completely relaxed after the session with Sylvia, but lying on the massage bed on my back already felt comfortable (this certainly would not have been the case previously). My posture instantly improved without effort from myself and my shoulders felt more in line with each other. I felt very cleansed and full of energy due to the “Cupping” method. I now perform better in the gym due to my much improved posture and my muscle size and strength has increased as they are not tight and unaligned from each other.

    I can’t believe how beneficial an hour with Sylvia has been. I can only imagine what magic she can work over a prolonged period of time.

    Thanks Sylvia!J.V. (Scotland)

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