• About Sylvia

    Sylvia Sobota is a highly trained massage and wholistic therapist and the owner of Nurture Your Body. She qualified and became nationally certified and licensed as a massage therapist in the United States in 2006. She attained further massage qualifications in Costa Rica, the Caribbean, Canada and the UK acquiring over 1,300 hours of training and over 25 different bodywork techniques and modalities.

    Sylvia comes from a diverse background in nutrition and fitness with a Bachelor of Science degree in dietetics, a personal training diploma, nutritional consultant diplomas and certifications in sports nutrition. Over the years, she expanded her studies to include more holistic nutrition and encouraging clients to use food as a means to heal the body.

    Throughout the years, Sylvia has developed a highly sensitive intuition in which she uses to gain further insight into the causes of imbalance and disease. Using various techniques and working with the mind, body, spirit connection, she can initiate and assist ones body to heal and return to a state of well-being.

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